Frederick Schmidt Untitled Painting of Nude

A sensuously painted nude by Frederick Schmidt. It is comprised of oil on wood pane, with a rich palette of pink, gray, black, and pale peach hues. The paint is abundantly applied in thick layers. Schmidt drew into the paint to define the details of the sitter, such as the features of her face, her jewelry, and the outlines of arm. The artist's signature is on the back of the panel.

This painting is presented in a museum-grade, custom frame.

Panel: 23.75 in. x 23.75 in.
Frame: 25 in. x 25 in.


The painting is in very good condition. There's a chip in the wood in the upper left corner of the panel, but it doesn't compromise the structure of the painting. The custom frame has dints on the edges and corners, but is otherwise in good condition and structurally sound.